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ACT Programme

What is ACT?

Active Career Track (ACT) is a career progression programme offering a step by step path to improving your employment prospects.

ACT helps you:

1. Identify career options suited to you
2. Explore those options and plan how they can be achieved
3. Put your best foot forward as a job seeker
4. Discover job hunting strategies that work

ACT also enables you to draw up your own unique Career Development Plan. This plan is at the core of the programme. You can access the entire programme here on-line or if you would like help and encouragement throughout the process, please call in to your nearest Jobseekers Resource Centre.

Why should I put in the time?

Spending time evaluating your strengths and your life experience may make the difference between you just being on the shortlist for interview and actually being offered the job. In these difficult economic times, it pays to give yourself every “edge” that you can in the competition for employment. At times, the process may seem tedious … but it might be the very thing that makes the critical difference for you.

The ACT Programme Path

The ACT programme is made up of four stages:

Stage One: Self-Assessment

Stage Two: Exploring your Options

Stage Three: Marketing yourself

Stage Four: Finding Jobs

Each stage is made up of a number of individual steps. It is better to complete the whole programme in order to gain maximum benefit from the process.  However, if time is short, it is possible to gain from carefully selecting exercises.

There are many benefits to engaging in the exploration stage of the career progression path.

Here is some of what you might gain:

  • Clarification of what occupations and work environments are suited to you
  • Identification of your strengths
  • Recognition of barriers that may be limiting you, and an opportunity to overcome
  • them
  • Greater understanding of your skills and what you personally are offering employers
  • The opportunity to “reality test” your career options
  • The  identification of skills and qualifications that you need to progress your career in the direction you want
  • The development of a  clear Career Development Plan that will become your roadmap to your career future
  • Additional information for your CV and the ability to display a level of self-knowledge that is very useful at interview

The information gathered from the various steps is collated into your “Career Development Plan”.

Take the programme

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